+ @mintcloudstudio : Instagram : 357 posts : 1081 followers : 486 following
   posting frequency  from 1day up to 1week apart

+ Mint Cloud Jewelry Store : Facebook : 1994 likes : 20 review : 4.7 Stars
   posting from 5days to 2½ weeks apart

+ www.mintcloud.com.au
   main focus on purchasing via the store : good product photography

+ regular participation in local Adelaide markets (bowerbird, wattle st)

+ participation in high profile interstate markets (finders keepers)

+ stocked in Have You Met Charlie 


+ regular social media presence +

consistent posting on Instagram and Facebook
initiate a presence on Pinterest & Twitter

+ a recognisable visual identity across all social media platforms +

define and present a consistent colour story / aesthetic
create content that resounds with the ‘ideal customer

creatively present product across all identified social media platforms

+ audience engagement +

increase actively engaged followers and likers across all social media platforms
retain actively engaged followers and likers across all social media platforms
track conversions of sales through social media specific offers
analyse audience engagement to determine most desired content
identification & delivery of value adding content
identify & engage with ideal customers
monitor and engage with all external contributors / likers / followers

amuse creative golden social icons


+ develop an archetype for documentation & delivery of content +

Working with you, assistance can be provided to review, determine and document buyer personas. These categories can form the basis of any meta-tags or hashtags # used throughout all digital touch points, as well as provide a structure for collation & sharing of marketing content, both internally and externally.

This work can be undertaken independently and delivered to you for review, or can be undertaken collaboratively      

Development & delivery of a social media colour palette and style guide including identification & development of significant points of differentiation that require targeting to enhance the brands visual identity

Experience & exploration provides that the following platforms aid in the streamlining of communication required to collaborate and deliver scheduled marketing content…
            + Dropbox or equivalent for text based content;
            + Secret Group Pinterest Boards for cataloguing visual storyboards & article links relative to each category and sub-group, as well as the scouting & documentation of portfolios of potential new contributors & influencers whose brands align with the categories; and

+ social media establishment & acquisition +

Generate & identify available Pinterest account names for approval

‘Link’ & ‘Sync’ all social accounts

Create 4 Pinterest 'boards' & ‘post’ and ‘pin' a minimum of 5 images to each platform (images to be sourced from what is available across the Mint Cloud website &/or any identified affiliates (market) websites)

Identify 5 industry 'influencers' & 'Like' a minimum of 10 pins/posts from the influencers boards, feed or pages

Follow' any brand affiliates or sponsored events

+ influencer & content acquisition (management) tools +

As a primary strategy, having determined the categories and buyer personas, their respective descriptors can be used to search and identify, the strongest aligned influencers, as well as relative trending topics, across multiple social platforms via various social media management tools that can be made available.

The investment in use of these tools allows for greater productivity and efficiency in research, sourcing, ongoing and responsive engagement of influencers, their tribes and the Mint Cloud tribe. These tools provide analytics, monitor and enable engagement, and source content from industry and category relevant articles that can be used to generate original content for a blog and other social media touch points. 

Utilise Hootsuite for content scheduling and live community engagement monitoring.

As influencers are identified, daily, authentic engagement via actively commenting and liking the feeds of these influencers, and their tribes, is able to drive community awareness, develop brand association and longer term, influence brand equity.

Guidelines as to what to like and comment can be understood to be images or communication in line with the mission statement, tag line, categories of the Mint Cloud philosophy and product.

In addition to the organic identification of influencers and content provided by the use of these tools, access to the Amuse database of influencers provides further opportunity for contributions to content and brand exposure.

Generous quantities (>150 per week) of unique likes of the content generated by influencers, their tribes and the Mint Cloud tribe across Instagram, Pinterest, Category relevant blogs and Facebook, authentically (not algorithm based) undertaken, not only engages directly with the consumer and generates market presence, but can also provide the opportunity to invite & encourage reviews of Mint Cloud product, service & quality of both. The quantity and quality of content generated via these strategies will primarily rely on the quantity and quality of time spent executing them.

+ content creation +

styled & photography of flat-lays showcasing newest pieces available (2hrs pm) BATCH
photography of lifestyle scene featuring product (1hr pw)  BATCH
ongoing sneak peaks of new product via photography of product being made (4hr pq) BATCH
1 how to wear with use of product per month (1hr pq) BATCH
1 preference question (eg. what’s your favourite colour) with complimentary image per month (.5hr pm) BATCH



email or in-person contact and on-going collaboration with you to ensure optimised cross promotion of any current or future events, offeres, promotions or similar
attendance at market events as/when identified to ensure an authentic & live social media presence & community relationship building (1.5hr pm) optional
ideation of 1 social media challenge per quarter to engage the target market & demographic in order to generate organic content (1hr pq) optional
identification & visual documentation of brand association opportunities delivered monthly (1hr pm) optional
monthly sharing of a positive customer review (.5hr pm)
2 encouragement posts per month (eg. You Look Gorgeous) (.5hr pm)
1 post per month that challenges assumptions (eg. Do Red & Green really need a colour in between?) (.5hr pm)
1 quarterly interview with a new stockist (3h pq) optional
1 post per month that educates while entertaining (.5hr pm)


3 Pinterest to IG round up per quarter (.5hr pm)
transfer of IG posts to associated Pinterest boards fortnightly (1hr pm)
3 new Pinterest boards per quarter (.5hr pq) optional
minimum 20-30 re-pins a week (.5hr wk) option 10-15 re-pins pw (.25 pw)
Create & Curate a maximum of 36 Pinterest boards per quarter with optimised board descriptions, board titles, categorised & dashboard strategy (8hrs pq) option 18 boards pq (4hrs)
Follow a minimum of 12 influential re-pinners per quarter (1hr pq) option 3 influential (.25 pq)
Delete spamming & redundant group boards or group board invitations weekly (2hr pq)
Engage with a minimum of 36 additional &/or influential pinners via comments each quarter (8hr pq) option 9 pinners (2hr pq)
Identify & report monthly on the most popular pins & boards (1hr pm) optional
Analyse daily pinterest emails to identify brand leverage opportunities (3hr pm) optional
Identify opportunities for pinterest contests once a month (.5hr pm) optional
A minimum of 5 new Pinterest posts per week (1hr pw)


load 2 Instagram posts per day (1hr pw) option 1 post pd (.5hr pw)
Engage with a minimum of 12 influential IGers per week via comments (1hr pw)
Follow a minimum of 36 additional IGers per quarter (3hrs pq)
Engage with the brand community by liking a minimum of 360 IG posts per quarter (1.5hr pq) optional 180 posts (.75hr pq)
Delete spamming comments weekly & Delete ghost followers monthly (1.5hr pm)
Identify & report monthly on the most popular posts (.5hr pm)
Identify & report monthly on any new influencers (.5hr pm)
Identify & report on frequent contributors to industry relevant IG contests monthly
(1hr pm)
Identify & report on trending hashtags monthly (1hr pm) optional
Tag contributors & endorsers as required
(.5hr pm)    


blog &/or written content for any form of traditional or digital media inc. text for posts (1hr pw)

1-2 image or 20 word max. tweets a day (2hr pw) optional re-post from IG with same content only
1-2 single image with max. 100 word Facebook posts a day (2hr pw) optional re-post from IG with same content only

+ return on investment from engaging in non-traditional marketing +

At the end of each quarter, analytics are available upon request. Here's what you can learn from the community interaction on these social platforms:



There are a whole heap of stats available to identify what social media platforms respond how and when and for who… but for now, here’s a link to one, that while extremely comprehensive, is also less dry and more interesting, not only to read, but to look at… so if you’re a numbers person, ENJOY!


These fees are exclusive to small business and start-ups that engage a minimum of 3 months of Social Media Management on a quarterly basis.   




an archetype for documentation & delivery of content                                 $1200
handle acquisition & account linking                                                                            $132

essential management tools (on going)                                                         $15 p/m



All activities identified are undertaken by quarterly engagement with monthly payments – the prices listed below identify the monthly investment required

+ Maximum content creation
everything listed
                                                                                                                    $3014 p/m

Medium content creation - everything listed but with time spent on options reduced                $2262.33p/m

Minimum content creation - Items identified in bold                                                                   $963.3p/m


Where ‘BATCH’  is shown, all activities are compressed to save time (rather than shooting ad-hock) & as such save $. These savings have been included in the Medium & Minimum content, if batching is an option for you, you can subtract this amount from the Maximum option too.
                                                                                                                 YOU CAN SAVE      $187 p/q



To demonstrate commitment and reliability, the first two weeks of engagement are being offered free of charge. These two weeks will be delivered at the Maximum content creation level. Further, no charge for establishment & acquisition of handles (pinterest boards have been collated for your inspection here, here, here and here). This equates to $1639 of complimentary value.

Any travel, accommodation outside of the Adelaide Metro Area & third party expenses are excluded from these figure will be invoiced separately

*all prices include gst


Should this scope of works be deemed agreeable, a design & content contract will be forwarded to formally engage any services you identify to be undertaken.