tHE Timing

To complement the scheduled Clipsal milestones of the new showroom opening and release of the new checklist, Megan Morton is available as a guest presenter on


An evening workshop would enable clients of influencers to attend without disrupting their work day.

first impressions






invite goes just to AI's
block mounted metal plate range with custom text, boxed and personally addressed to key residential influencers

$TBC guesstimate $18ea



concept b

foiled (or spot gloss) Life is On icon on matte heavy weight stock invitation details on reverse side in black

$TBC guesstimate $10ea


South Australian based Interior Architects that specialise in design for the residential market...

  • Amy Lee (DesignInc)
  • Ashley McCaskill (ABEO)
  • Carli Farmer (Walter Brooke)
  • Claire Kneebone (Claire Kneebone)
  • Daniella McKay (Grieve Gillet)
  • Dimity Anderson (Dimity Anderson)
  • Ebony Mattschoss (Fabrikate)
  • Elizabeth Swanbury (Swanbury Penglase)
  • Felicity Hope (Swanbury Penglase)
  • Gabrielle Walsh (Walter Brooke)
  • Georgie Shepherd (Georgie Shepard)
  • Jennifer Drake (DesignInc)
  • Emma Hill (Studio 9)
  • Kate Harry (Fabrikate)
  • Lil Feltus (Feltus)
  • Lorraine Di Giusto (Hoskings)
  • Lucy Sedsman (Lucy Sedsman)
  • Mandy Goehr (ABEO)
  • Megan Williams (Enoki)
  • Neroli Hutchinson (Studio Tonic)
  • Ryan Gensin (Gensin Studio)
  • Samantha Agostino (Samantha Agostino)
  • Sonja Hosking (Hoskings)
  • Susanna Bilardo (Enoki)

interactive opportunities for attendees

power up 

A USB phone charging station for attendees, styled as a desk/landing zone with note pads, pens & Q&A prompts. These Q&A prompts can be answered in personalised follow up emails to maintain & establish a genuine connection and increase the client care.
This is an opportunity to showcase product, and find out what other tools can be provided to Interior Architects to assist their role 


The Bluetooth Speaker System can provide both ambient music and an opportunity to demonstrate & introduce the product to small groups or one on one while generating conversation between attendees. This could be facilitated by a Schneider staff member circulating with an Ipad Jukebox for attendees to choose the play list throughout the workshop... 

speak up

Provided by Megan Morton, a 20 minute, interactive presentation, on the latest design forecasts, will demonstrate how the Schneider product compliments these up-coming trends. This is able to be complimented by her mingling with guests and undertaking Q&A's with small groups of the attendees. Her responses will address the attendees design questions related to how to they can apply the room recipes. Some of her key take-away messages from her Styling Inspiration Masterclass, in combination with the applications of her room recipes will deliver a content with substance and style.


lasting impressions

Furniture, food, drinks, decor, staff & attire need to reinforce the brand identity. Iconic, responsive, casually sophisticated and confident, these elements should accommodate & encourage ongoing circulation throughout the spaces, greater interaction with the product ranges, and allow flexibility when it comes to the final floor plan for the workshop.
The more memorable the attention to detail & quality the more brand retention. Everything counts. 


$8k minimum spend on catering
projector & projection screen $140
1 x microphone & amp = $75
8 x easels
 = $712 
1 x hero arrangement + 5 plants = $300
iPad / iPhone
Megan Morton $6800 + flights & accom.
1 x portable custom joinery pieces to house functioning USB outlet = $TBA 
1 x portable custom joinery piece to house functioning blue tooth speakers =

TOTAL $16027 + flights, accom, joinery


60 x catering (f+b) = $5400
60 x chairs = $750
3 x tables + linen = $60
1 x bar = $200
projector & projection screen $140
1 x microphone & amp = $75
8 x easels = $712 
1 x hero arrangement + 5 plants = $300
iPad / iPhone
Megan Morton $6800 + flights & accom.


TOTAL $14437 + flights, accom, joinery

$5k minimum spend on catering
1 x microphone & amp = $75
8 x easels
 = $712 
1 x hero arrangement + 5 plants = $300
iPad / iPhone
Megan Morton $6800 + flights & accom.
1 x portable custom joinery pieces to house functioning USB outlet = $TBA  
1 x portable custom joinery piece to house functioning blue tooth       speakers = $TBA 

TOTAL $12887 + flights, accom, joinery


it's on

Greeted by Schneider ambassadors, guests are directed to the phone charging station where they find their name badge and are encouraged to contribute to the Q&A notebooks throughout the evening.

A selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and food will be circulated by catering staff during the arrival & interaction of attendees & Schneider staff who have specialist knowledge of the key products featured.
Guests will mingle with Megan Morton and play with selecting the music for the event via the iPad jukebox for the first 30 minutes.

The ambassador will ask all attendees to take a seat and introduce the iSelect and/or the Wishlist platforms via the following videos and explain how the IA's could also use these applications to add to the tools of communication between the clients, designers and trades...   ****do either of these program print an electrical fittings schedule?****.

Following this, a brief (2 mins max.) summary of the key products of the evening will be delivered by the ambassador.
At the conclusion of the product showcase, Megan will present and then hand over to the Ambassador to close with thank yous.

its never been easier or more fun
— Megan Morton

Guests are invited to investigate any product they're interested in further, fill out the note books with any new questions they may have before they leave. 

it's in the bag

Taking it home... boxed and branded - with ambassadors business card inside the box, a curated set of 8 room recipe postcards allow attendees to integrate the product into mood boards for future client presentations or alternatively have on the office pin boards as ongoing creative inspiration. This will also provide the client guests a common language to identify and communicate to their designers the aesthetic & palette that appeals to them most.

The postcards should be printed on matte, heavy-weight card, (glossy or light weight is either too hard-sell or 'cheap' and will go in the bin, not stay on the desk). A potential option that considers economy of scale and brand consistency is for a box design that can be used for both the invitations and the take home packages.

really turning it on

The Schneider ambassador will make themselves available to personally pass on the take-home packages and ensure they have met all individuals that have attended. Each IA will have a face and a name and the personal connection will be reinforced as again as they leave.

Any responses in the Q&A note books will be addressed by the Schneider ambassador and personalised responses will be sent to the corresponding emails / attendees that commented.

In addition to gauging responses during the event, all attendees could be informed that they will have the chance to win ***insert prize or incentive here (blue toothe speakers maybe?)***  by completing the simple feedback survey via an email they'll receive from the ambassador that will help Schneider identify what worked, what didn't, if it's repeatable & to what is the perceived value of the room recipes.

Professional Photography ($3100 - 3hrs shooting & copyright, stills edited for scheduling throughout IG, PIN, FB, & PRINT by Amy Agnew) & Videography ($2700 - TBC - edited for 8-15second bites for FB, IG, VIMEO & WEBSITE) will be delivered in formats that can be used throughout all social media channels.

The hashtag #switchedonlife is currently free of any Instagram media and can be used as tag and handle for the event.


the investment

Venues : $12887 - $16027 
Potential Flight + Accom for MM : $1000
Photography : $3100
Videography : $2700 TBC
Invitations : $450 - 600 
Boxes for Invitations & Take-home Postcards : $600 TBC
On the Night Event Styling if required: $600
10 hours Event Management if required: $1200
Postcards : $2000

prices & costs identified are correct as of Wednesday May 6th 2015.