My name is Mary. Amuse Creative grew from my passion for design, challenging the norms and creative problem solving.

My expertise & experience spans multiple disciplines & industries and has been endorsed by Former Director of Vogue & Founder of Monocle Magazine, Robyn Holt, acclaimed Stylist & Author, Megan Morton, Global Instagram maven Leah Itsines and International Innovators, Clipsal by Schneider Electric and Detpak.

Thanks to the wonderful OfKin, if you'd like to get to know a whole lot more about me, you can! It's all in this interview feature... 


I've recently been privileged to welcome a wonderful new addition to the team and her arrival has been life changing - You can meet our newest member, Charlotte (& the equally inspiring Annabelle) over on my personal Instagram account @littlesilverlining ... (fair warning, it's just my personal account, so it's full of baby spam)

When it comes to the most significant 'why' behind my business, my girls are it, time with them is precious and invaluable and I love that the clients I have totally get this.

Iā€™m currently embracing the opportunity that being my own boss affords me and spending as much of this all to fleeting time with these incredible girls as possible, so my availability is limited. 

If you do like what you see, or perhaps what you've heard from some of the wonderful people I've worked with, feel free to send me a message and we can have a chat to see if I can assist with your project or point you in the direction of some other seriously talented pro's I trust.