Know Us

our style + passions + ambitions


Know Us

our style + passions + ambitions

It's essential that as a part of our team, we're all on the same page when it comes to communicating who we are, what we love and what we do.

So here's the guide you can access to make sure you're on track.



Our visual identity fosters the first impression of our clients and potential clients. Get it nailed, and if in doubt, always ask. There are no stupid questions!



Know Our Clientele

Know Our Clientele

The profile of our clientele

 Predominantly Australian based females, aged between 18-60 years old. They enjoy good food, wine, coffee, close friendships and being creative. They read Collective Magazine, Fete, Hooray Magazine, Habitus, Home Beautiful or Girl Boss. They follow lifestyle brands and friends. 

Whilst these women are experts in their fields, they tend to be short of time or have very limited experience with design, styling and networking.


These are mainly solo entrepreneurial or medium sized businesses and are either just starting-up or semi-established within the designer/maker/creative and health/wellness industries. To name a few, some of our existing clients include Leah Itsines, Plan Your Gram and Alice Adamson Physiotherapy.

We have also worked closely with medium to large established businesses that service the creative or health industry such as Schneider Electric/Clipsal and House Proud.

They appreciate

Refined aesthetics and a clean and polished design. 

Their challenges are 

Balancing work and family. Having a full time job whilst pursuing their own business, which was once no more than a hobby, means time management, finance, working from home or working in isolation. This leaves them with no time or energy to worry about their visual branding or interior design needs.

They're interested in 

Growing their business through executing 'branding-basics' and improving their visual appeal to their audience. DIY or affordable solutions for their business challenges are essential. 

We strive to work with interior designhealth & entrepreneurial publication brands in the near future.

How + where + when + to who We Communicate

How + where + when + to who We Communicate

Our team has a diverse skill set and equally diverse working hours, therefore we need to nail how we communicate with each other internally. 

Our reputation as friendly but professional, creative and reliable relies on everyone working together as effortlessly as possible. Our aim is to achieve outstanding results for our clients, as well as individually and as a team.  The Amuse team is proud to be a happy, healthy and successful agency.

Let's get started! We've created a heap of process documents for you to refer to as you need to and the can all be found here

Here's a brief summary of the essential standards we all stick to 

Sending emails:

If it's the first time you're emailing a client - introduce yourself.

Make sure that your email has the company footer

Always check with Mary before sending any quotes, invoices or contracts.

Casual language is fine, but please avoid jargon or acronyms - eg. 'I'll send those files through to you as soon as they're ready ' is preferred over 'I'll shoot the files through asap' 

Language should always be friendly, professional and patient. If you're frustrated try writing it down on paper first so that you don't accidentally send anything heated.

When composing an email, please use dot points when referring to links and documents that need to be downloaded or printed on. Please see video tutorials to find out how you can set up emails, how to file documents in your email and how to create your email footer.

Communicating with your manager and team:

There are no stupid questions, if you're hesitant or unsure about anything, ASK IMMEDIATELY, don't put it off, the sooner you ask the sooner we can find a solution to help you or our clients.




Google Drive

Using Squarespace

Using Squarespace


We're thrilled to have you onboard and would like to take you on a tour to show you how we work at Amuse Creative. If you're not familiar with Squarespace, there's a bit of homework to do first.

Squarespace is a user friendly platform we use to run our own website as well as to build clients websites.  

We recommend the Squarespace platform because it's affordable and the video tutorials are fantastic - and free! Furthermore once their website is launched, they can maintain it in their own time. 

This is the round up of videos that you'll need to watch to be able to complete the basic tasks associated with keeping the Amuse Creative website updated and will also help you direct our clients to the relevant help videos if they have any questions about how to do things with their website too.



Click the button below to go to the Squarespace Help Videos... Once on the Help Videos Page, scroll down until you reach the topics 'Images and Videos' and you'll be right where you need to be to access the content you'll need to complete the Amuse Squarespace Essential Training.

It's not essential that you be a Squarespace guru, but we do need you to be aware of the essentials, so the videos you'll be watching are identified in the image to the left of this screen in training parts 1 - 5. 

We've broken up the training into parts so it's not a complete information overload. You are expected to complete all Squarespace training within the first 2 weeks and we'll review your progress at our weekly meeting until you've completed the training.


As you complete each Training Part, you must submit your training confirmation form that can be found just below on this page. 



allow 25 minutes to complete

Name *
Adding Pages to Your Navigation
Building a Page
Using the Text Block
Using the Image Block
Using the Spacer Block
Moving Blocks
Using Folders
if you have any questions about the videos you've viewed please shoot us an email - we're here to help!


allow 35 minutes to complete

Name *
Please Confirm You Have Viewed The Following Videos In Full
Best Practice in Image Formatting
Using the Album Page
Using the Gallery Page
Using Gallery Blocks
Using Summary Blocks
Using the Video Block
if you have any questions about the videos you've viewed please shoot us an email - we're here to help!


allow 25 minutes to complete

Name *
Using Image Clickthrough URLs
Creating a Text Link
Using the Form Block
Using the Newsletter Block
Using the Calendar Block
Using the Events Page
If you have any questions about the videos you've viewed please shoot us an email - we're here to help


allow 25 minutes to complete

Name *
Please confirm you have viewed the following videos in full
Using the Index Page
Duplicating a Page
Adding an Announcement Bar
Blogging with Squarspace
Scheduling Blog Post
Wrapping Text Around Blocks
If you have any questions about the videos you've viewed please shoot us an email - we're here to help!


allow 25 minutes to complete

Name *
Using Tags and Categories in a Blog
Using Tags and Categories in Gallery
Increasing Your Sites Visibility to Search Engines
Adding Share Buttons
Connecting Social Accounts
Using the Instagram Block
Using Facebook with Squarespace