So you're confident that we can work together to achieve your project... So, How Much, you ask?



Business Name Generation | $200
minimum 4 options, all checked against existing domain names, social media handles and the Australian Business Registry for availability

Logo Concept Design Direction | $400
a round up and style guide analysis of a minimum of your two closest identified competitors, style assessment to determine your likes &/or dislikes of colour & aesthetic, a round up of a mimimum of six existing logos that respond to the style assessment  

Logo Design | $200

delivery via email of an .eps vector file, .png & .jpg file, and a record of all fonts and pantone colours used

Logo Concept Design Direction + Logo Design | $600


Copy Writing or Editing  | $60_ per hour | minimum 2hrs

Project Strategy development | $90_ per hour | minimum 2hrs

| Graphic | Web | Interior | Event | $120_ per hour | minimum 4hrs

Strategy fulfillment
| Social Media Content creation - 40 images |Social Media Roll-out | Product, Talent, Venue, Collaborator, Influencer Sourcing | 
$120_ per hour | minimum 4hrs

Styling | Photography | $120_ per hour | minimum 4hrs 

Digital Maintenance Tutorials
1hr_$120_ | 2hr_$200_ | 3hr_$270_


The concierge fixed fee allows for any combination of the services identified above or throughout any other part of the website.  If your project is evolving or complex or there's a wide variety of small tasks to tackle, this is the most flexible, responsive and economical way to take advantage of the extensive range of services available. 

12hrs | $900 | valid for 3 months

24hrs | $1800 | valid for 6 months

48hrs | $3500 | valid for 12 months 


a legal contract including a reciprocal non-disclosure agreement will be provided, but this is the short version...

Fixed Fee allows strictly for the number of hours identified. Validity and Expiration of Fixed Fee Services will commence upon receipt of payment in full. Full payment indicates and acknowledges the expiry period attributed to the fee as identified above.
Hours undertaken outside or beyond the fixed fee services will be charged at the hourly rates identified unless a new fixed package is requested a minimum of 5 weekdays before the service expiration date. Tally & Breakdown of all Hours is Issued Monthly & when there is a maximum of 4 hours remaining in the contract at anytime.
In person hours requested by the client (that's you) must be booked and confirmed a minimum of 7 working days in advance (this makes sure I can negotiate my schedule to make it all happen – I generally don’t do weekends, but have been known to find a way if there’s coffee, dessert or wine involved).
To initiate Fixed Fee service, full payment is required up front (this is why it’s cheaper than the hourly rates). Work will commence once payment is received.

Hourly Rate ($hr) engagements will be billed at the corresponding minimum hours or by the hours undertaken, which ever is more, and will be issued within 14 weekdays from completion of work. A deposit equivalent to One Hour (1hr) per service must be paid and received before any work commences. 

All rates are inclusive of travel within the Adelaide Metro area. Expenses incurred as a result of travel outside this zone will be determined and negotiated on a case by case basis at the discretion of Amuse Creative Agency.

All invoices must be paid within 14 Weekdays from date of issue. Administration fees of 10% of the overall invoice will be incurred every 3 days the invoice is overdue and calculated cumulatively until the invoice is paid in full. (In other words, I’d really appreciate if you pay on time because it means I don’t have to do extra maths & you don’t receive annoying emails & calls from account chasers, cheers.) 


There’s not really any room to move with my project based rates, but I’m totally willing to discuss service swaps with creative professionals that I can learn from if my schedule & your expertise can facilitate it. Collaborate, Share, Learn, Shine – I can’t endorse it if I don’t live it. If you have a skill set or service you think you can offer, let’s negotiate.

Good to Go?

All sounds good & you’re ready to get it happening? Identify the services you’re wanting to engage in writing via email or a fancy piece of snail mail and I’ll generate an invoice via Xero and start as soon as I receive payment.